Bluetongue Virus Zone Map

National Arbovirus Monitoring Program (NAMP) data are gathered throughout Australia by serological monitoring of cattle in sentinel herds, strategic surveys of cattle herds and trapping of insect vectors. Data are used to develop the Bluetongue Virus Interactive Zone Map. This Zone Map is based on WOAH guidelines and defines the area where bluetongue virus is considered to occur and the area where no occurrence has been detected for at least two years.

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Important Notice

  • The Bluetongue Virus Zone Map is based on bluetongue virus (BTV) monitoring data and is subject to change without notice.
  • The Bluetongue Virus Interactive Zone Map has two zones: the BTV transmission zone and the BTV transmission-free zone. A buffer area is part of the BTV transmission zone.
  • A property that has any part within the BTV transmission zone (includes any part within its buffer area) is not eligible for trade under a BTV transmission-free zone requirement.
  • Consult with your State or Territory authorities about requirements for trade and certification before taking any action based on these zone boundaries.

Current map endorsed: 17/4/2024

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